-Grooming Tips-

We appreciate the beauty of the Maltese long coat! The Maltese coat is not difficult to care for if
you do a daily brushing,or minimum of every other day depending on the coat size.

To brush daily, dilute a little conditioner with water and spray lightly on the coat as you brush to
avoid breaking the hair and static. Keep the hair out of the eyes. Fasten the hair in a single or
double “top knot” which means the hair is held together at the top of the head. Or, if you prefer,
keep it cut over the eyes for a “bangs” style.

The coat should be carefully brushed, with all knots removed before bathing the dog. Use a good
quality shampoo specialized for white dog coats, and a conditioner specific for long coat breads.
After bathing, wrap the dog in a towel to remove excess water from the coat. Use a hair dryer,
making sure that the temperature is not too hot. Some prefer their Maltese with a long white
coat. But, as a pet owner, you may not be willing or have the time to spend to maintain a clean,
knot free, brushed coat. In this case, there are other options that can be done periodically by a
groomer such as a “puppy cut”.
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